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Two Hands Ministry

is a federally recognized 501(c)3 organization, 100% supported by churches and individuals across the United States who believe in bringing language, community, and the Gospel to the Deaf in Western Honduras.  It is through your faithful and generous support that our programs can continue and flourish, transforming lives two hands at a time. 

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Where we work

Two Hands Ministry is based in the quaint town of Gracias, Lempira in the western mountains of Honduras.  We do ministry with the deaf in the surrounding communities as well.

At Two Hands Ministry, we seek to bring language, community, and the Gospel to the deaf...

LANGUAGE - A simple gift that we so often take for granted, being able to communicate.  Language, something the majority of us don't remember learning as we were exposed to language from infancy.  Unfortunately, the opportunity to have full access to language is not available to many deaf children in western Honduras.  Two Hands Ministry seeks to provide a language rich environment through which each deaf individual can learn to communicate with the world about them.

COMMUNITY - God, the Creator of the universe, did not design us to live life alone.  He in His wisdom placed each deaf child in their own unique family.  Two Hands Ministry seeks to encourage and strengthen the entire family as they learn to communicate and build relationships with their deaf child.  We also want to the deaf child to know they are not alone, that there are others who are deaf like them.  And so we seek to encourage the deaf to build relationships with other deaf as well.

THE GOSPEL - The Word of God is our foundation and our guide in all that we do.  Our greatest desire at Two Hands Ministry is that through the gift of language and community, these deaf individuals will come to a point of surrendering their life to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We hope that their hearts will be impacted not for this life alone, but for eternity to come.   We pray that the God's glory would be displayed as He alone can transform hearts and lives.

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