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Our Programs



Two Hands Ministry

seeks to walk alongside our Deaf kids and adults, their families and their communities in many different ways as we journey together to bring language, community and the Gospel to the Deaf here in Western Honduras.


The first family sign class began in 2019 at the request of a Deaf young man who was struggling to communicate with his parents.  It has continued to gather on a weekly basis since.  Having a Deaf member of your family isn't a main topic of conversation in this area and, despite this being a small town community, most families had never met another family of a Deaf child.  It has been wonderful to watch these mothers, siblings, aunts, grandmothers, etc. gather for a time of learning to communicate in sign language as well as to share their stories with one another.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for the Deaf kids to learn how to share their language with their friends and family members as well.

Family Class

Deaf Kid


Every Saturday afternoon, Deaf kids and their siblings from around the town gather for a Bible learning, friendship building, language encouraging time!  These gatherings began in April 2018, and it is a blessing to look back and see how far these kids have come in their language, friendship and knowledge of the Bible.


The Deaf Young Adults gathering began in Spring 2018 at the persistence of one Deaf young man with a great desire to learn sign language.  We gather weekly, building community, creating friendship, and sharing language, all while enjoying lots of Uno and coffee!


Young Adult Gathering


Home Visits

Throughout the week, it is a privilege to visit the homes of the families we serve.  Sometimes the visits consist of a conversation with mom or grandma over coffee or a game of Frisbee with the kids, but most often it is a time to spend with the Deaf kids and their families and encourage their language growth.  Some Deaf live in villages outside of town and are unable to make the trip into town for sign language gatherings, therefore home visits make it possible to continue to encourage each one in their journey.


On top of this we also spend time with the Deaf students at a local elementary schools, hold class for the classmates of a Deaf university student, as well as for the classmates of Deaf elementary students, and so much more!


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